5th Graders “Walk Through” the American Revolution

Fifth grade students enjoyed learning about our nation’s beginnings in a fun, dynamic way.  Through the use of games, music, and storytelling, history came alive!

Students explored the famous events, historical figures, and relevant vocabulary pertaining to the American Revolution. Through dramatic activities, students “became” famous men and women in our nation’s history. Flags, maps, re-enactments, music, and games helped students explore and understand the importance of American liberty and patriotism.

Divided into teams, students competed to earn points.  Points are awarded mainly for the students’ presentations.  Students rehearsed their assigned parts for days leading up to the event. The Expert Word Cards allowed students the chance to become an “expert” on vocabulary pertaining to curriculum. Students were also assigned Character Cards in which they dramatically portrayed important historical figures. As seen in the photo, “Patrick Henry” delivered his famous line, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”