Homework Update

One of the many areas of current interest in education is the effectiveness of homework. The type and quantity of homework is the subject of much debate these days. Our staff has also been reflecting on this topic and several of our recent staff meetings have been devoted to discussing this at length. We have gathered input from our parents on the subject as well as reading and studying various statistics concerning the role of homework in student achievement.

The staff has developed a schoolwide philosophy which guides the use of homework at each grade level. Teachers have developed their homework policies with this school philosophy as their foundation. We recognize there is value in homework although we also acknowledge that its effectiveness is dependent on the quality of the assigned work and not the quantity. The purpose of homework is to practice specific skills and develop good study habits. The amount of assigned homework will be reasonable for students to finish in a timely manner. If your child consistently struggles or spends an excessive amount of time on homework, you or your child need to discuss this with their teacher.


Saint John School

Homework Philosophy

Saint John School recognizes the value of homework as a process to assist student learning. The purpose of homework is to practice skills, promote good study habits, and build student stamina. To accomplish the goal of increasing student achievement, homework will be:

  • Developmentally appropriate
  • Purposeful and relates directly to identified learning targets
  • Designed to be attempted independently
  • Involves parents/guardians in an appropriate manner

Students or parents who recognize a consistent pattern of excessive time spent on homework should consult with the teachers to develop a solution that helps students complete it in a timely and meaningful manner.