Congratulations, Science Fair Winners

We wish to congratulate the following students who won awards at the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair on March 14-19:

2017 Science Fair Winners

Saint John School winners at the Greater San Diego Science & Engineering Fair on March 17, 2017:

1st Place

Daniella Luciani: Electrical Engineering (Light Tracking Bristlebot)

Amanda Hansen: Plant Science (Effects of Sunscreen on The Ocean’s Macroalgae)

2nd Place

Samantha Armstrong: Mechanical Engineering (What is the Best Structure to Survive an Earthquake)

Austin McMahon: Physics (How the Strength of a Magnet Varies with Temperature)

Isabella Palmer: Behavioral Science (What’s Creepy? Testing the Uncanny Valley)

Heidi McArdle: Biochemistry Plant DNA Extraction

Savanna House: Behavioral Science (Does the Human Eye Think?)

Jake Titcomb: Engineering and Materials (The Sound of Silence)

Thomas Salzar: Biochemistry (Soda Corrosiveness Toward Teeth)

3rd Place

Elliot Gambale: Physics (Car Crash Barrier)

Olivia Hansen: Physics (How Does Drag Affect a Swimmer?)

Megan Kubczak: Consumer Product Testing (Electrolytes)

Bella Towne: Medicine and Health Sciences (Is Sunscreen a Scam or Does it Really Protect from UV Light?)

Professional Society Award Winners

Samantha Armstrong: Building Industry Association Cares 

Savanna House: 2 awards from: Hillcrest-Mission Valley Lions Club, San Diego County Optometric Society

Daniella Luciani: 2 Awards from:   Association for Women in Science San  Diego Chapter USN – ONR (US Navy Science and Technology)/Naval Science Awards Program (NSAP)

*California State Fair Recipient

Daniella Luciani will represent Saint John School and the Greater San Diego Science & Engineering Fair at the California State Science Fair, April 24-25, 2017, which will be held at the California Science Center just south of downtown Los Angeles.